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May 14th, 2007

11:20 pm - Roses

Title: Roses

g1inda (aka miss_artist)
Rating: R
Summery: Idina has some surprises for Kristin
A/N: Previously posted on Chenzel_love under my other lj name. I deleted it and got it beta-ed and now im re posting. enjoy.


A small white head popped up from resting on her paws at the sound of a key in the door. Maddie immediately got up and ran over, waiting for the person on the other side to come in. Her head cocked to the side as she heard a voice swear when the key wouldn't turn. Finally, the door opened. A small growl escaped her throat upon seeing that it wasn't the person she had been waiting for. However, the growl stopped when the person knelt down and patted her on the head.

"Shhhh. It's just me Maddie." Maddie's tail began to wag at the familiarity of the voice and she jumped into the brunette's arms.

"Did you miss me?" She asked the small dog who licked her face as a sort of answer. She looked around the dark apartment and then back at Maddie.

"Mommy's not here is she?" Another quick look around, "Good," the brunette set the dog back on the floor and reached out into the hallway to pick up a bag and bouquet of flowers. With her hands being full, she kicked the door shut as quietly as possible and continued into the small kitchen, Maddie right at her heels.

She placed the flowers on the counter, along with the bag and looked down at Maddie.

"I hope your mommy doesn't get mad at me." The brunette turned and started to take some items out of the bag, placing them on the counter. She got to one particular bag and smiled. She would take care of that in a bit.

She went over to the cupboard and took out two wine glasses. Placing them on the table, she proceeded to look for a vase to put the flowers in. Once she found one that would hold all two dozen roses, she filled it with water and placed twelve red roses and twelve yellow roses in it. She arranged them so it didn't look like it started out as two different bundles of flowers, then set them in the middle of the table.

The brunette placed the champagne on some ice, and took care of a few other items. Then she came back to that bag. Picking it up, she walked over to Kristin's room and placed the bag in the nightstand, then dimmed the lights.

Maddie had followed her into the room and was now sitting in her own little doggy bed, watching every move of the brunette.

She looked at the watch on her arm then at Maddie. "Time for me to go get your mommy." She patted her on the head and bounced out of the room. She looked around at her handy work one more time before she headed out the door, a big smile on her face.

* * *

Kristin was sitting in a chair going over a recent script change with the director. She had her head propped on her hand as he talked to her about what he wanted to see happening at this scene. She nodded every now and then to show that she was listening. So far, the day had been really slow. They started to work on filming the movie at nine o'clock in the morning. It was now almost six o'clock in the evening. They had had a three hour break in the middle, but it still felt like they had been working non stop all day.

Kristin brought her hands up and rubbed at her eyes. The events of the past month were taking their toll on her. What with the death of her grandmother and her mother's surgeries, it was a wonder she was even at work. It had been hard to loose her grandmother; she missed her dearly and found that she couldn't help but cry at the most inopportune moments. All she really wanted to do was go home to her dog and take a nice, long, hot bubble bath. No. What she really wanted was to curl up in Idina's arms and fall asleep feeling totally and completely loved and protected. But she wouldn't be able to do that for another week.

She ended up nodding her way through the rest of the conversation, not entirely paying attention to what he was saying. John noticed that she seemed to be somewhere else and voiced his concern.

"Hey Kristin, you okay?" Kristin looked up at the mention of her name.

"What? Oh. Yea. I'm just a little out of it today." She brought her hands up and massaged her temples. John looked at her sympathetically.

"Do you think you can make it through one more run?" He asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. At her nod, he got up and told everyone that they would do one more run through.

By the time she was able to leave it was seven-thirty. She grabbed her purse and left the building with-out so much as a 'good bye' to everyone.

Kristin looked at the ground in front of her as she walked, her heels made sharp clanks against the asphalt, the sound echoing threw the near empty parking lot. She had busied herself with searching in her purse for her car keys and didn't notice the tall figure leaning against her car.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you it was dangerous to walk to your car alone when it was dark out?"

Kristin looked up from her searching, a little startled to here a voice come from the darkness. She stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at the figure leaning cross-armed against her car. Her heart fluttered as the figure stepped away from the car and walked slowly towards her. A small smile flickered across her lips as she realized who it was.

"There could be some strange person, waiting to take you away forever. Never to be seen again." Idina's voice was low and seductive. Chills ran up the blonde's back as her words seemed to slither over her body.

Oh how she wished she could be taken away, never to return. As long as Idina was the one who was taking her. They could go with Peter and Wendy to Neverland. First star to the right and straight on till morning. They could stay there, as they were, together forever. And not have to worry about death or growing old or paying bills or Taye. They could spend the whole day in bed making love if they wanted to.

Idina was standing directly in front of her now. Green eyes locked with blue. Kristin tilted her head a little, not able to pull her eyes from the hypnotic stare of the beautiful woman in front of her.

"Are you here to take me away?" Kristin whispered, stepping closer to the taller woman.

A wide smile spread across Idina's face and she brought her hand up to cup Kristin's cheek, making her close her eyes and push into the contact. Then she leaned down and brought their lips together. Kristin dropped her purse as she wrapped her arms around Idina's neck. Neither of them deepened the kiss, content as they were with their lips pressed together.

Idina pulled away from Kristin's lips and started a slow trail of loving kisses along her jaw line, making Kristin tilt her head back and sigh. Idina stood straight up, lifting Kristin from the ground in the process and swung her around in a small circle. This elicited loud giggles from the blonde as she grabbed on tighter to Idina, wrapping her legs around the taller girl's waist.

Idina stopped spinning when she almost toppled over onto the ground. Kristin continued to hold onto Idina with her arms and legs even though the spinning had stopped. She nuzzled into Idina's neck, taking in her aroma, never wanting to forget it.

"I missed you Dee," Kristin whispered while placing a few soft kisses on the brunettes neck. Idina's smile widened and she hugged tighter to the small blonde.

"I missed you too baby," Idina said as she slowly began to lower Kristin to the ground. Once Kristin had both feet firmly on the asphalt, Idina bent down and picked up her dropped purse.

"Not that I'm not happy that you're here, but what are you doing here? I didn't think you were supposed to come till next week," Kristin asked, taking her purse from Idina and pulling her car keys out from inside it.

Idina smiled at the blonde, leaning down for another soft kiss as she took the keys from her hand. She pulled away from the kiss and rubbed her nose against Kristin's.

"Let me drive," The brunette whispered, pulling away from Kristin, who smiled lovingly at her. Idina returned the smile, taking the blonde's hand in her own and walking backwards towards the car. She walked over to the passenger side and opened the door, allowing Kristin to slip inside, but not before the small blonde placed another soft kiss against Idina's lips.

Shutting the door, Idina walked around to the driver's side and got in. Her hand immediately found its way into Kristin's as she started the car and drove away. Idina allowed her thumb to rub small circles over the blonde's fingers as she drove. Occasionally glancing over at her and giving her a warm smile.

Kristin stared out the window, watching the paint lines on the road wiz by and allowed her mind to wander. She thought about her family and home. As much as she loved it in California, she missed the open plains of Oklahoma. She missed waking up to see her mamma and papa sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee. She loved to watch them interact with each other, and noticed how loving and caring they were. Sure, they had had fights before, but what healthy relationship didn't? Her parents have been together for what seems like forever.

Kristin worshiped and envied them. They were her role models and she hoped that she would end up like them. Happy with someone that she shared a love that could break down walls.

She had set her standards so high in what she was looking for. It was all planned out in her mind how her life would be, and she wasn't going to settle for anything less than perfect. Kristin wanted that one day that was all about her, where she fretted about her bridesmaids and her dress. She wanted to walk down the isle with her father, and have him tell her how beautiful she was and proud he was of her. She wanted a house next to the ocean, with a white picket fence around the lawn so Maddie could run around outside. She wanted to have barbecues and parties. She wanted to be woken up on Christmas by her children at five in the morning. Then cuddle in her Love's arms, drinking coffee as they watched them tear through wrapping paper, Seeing the looks on their faces when they found that they had gotten exactly what they wanted, happy that Santa Clause had gotten their letter. Kristin didn't just want one part of it, she wanted the whole package. The storybook ending.

She just needed to find the one she could do this all with. Not just any one, but the right one. Her mind told her that in order to get what she wanted she needed to marry a man. It just seemed that every man she ended up dating ended in tragedy. She had been engaged before. But it hadn't worked out for reasons she didn't like to talk about.

Kristin began to wonder if she had set her standards too high. Maybe she was just looking at it all from the wrong angle. She did have someone that she loved unconditionally, she was sitting in the drivers seat right next to her. But she had to wonder if she could obtain all she wanted with Idina. She had no idea what page Idina was on, they had only ever talked about their future and what they wanted once, and that had started a big fight where a wedge was driven between them. That wedge was Taye.

Kristin had known Idina was married when their affair had started. She never wanted it to go this far, the blonde knew she was just setting herself up for a heartbreak. There had been words that they threw at each other, hurtful words. Kristin had told her that she didn't want Idina to split with Taye. She just couldn't live with being the reason why they would separate. That's why she had called it off and gone to California. It was just too much for her. And yet, after all this time, they had ended up together again. Didn't that say something right there?

Kristin knew Idina loved her, they made sure to tell and show each other whenever they had a chance to. But she didn't know where Idina stood today. Would she take care of her? And could she in turn, take care of Idina? The whole idea made her heart flutter and her stomach turn. She knew she could never bring herself to ask Idina to marry her. Not with the possibility that she could be rejected. She didn't think her heart could take it. Idina and Taye were still legally husband and wife. They were just separated. There was still the chance that they could work it out and get back together. Kristin didn't want to get in the way of that. She wasn't even aware if they could get married. Kristin wanted to talk with Idina about this. She needed to know how serious this relationship was to her.

She wasn't old, but she wasn't getting any younger either. Neither of them were. If any of her dreams were going to come true, she needed to act on it now. She was just afraid to. What they had right now was almost perfect. She didn't want to start something between them that would end their relationship.

Kristin wasn't only afraid of rejection. What if Idina agreed with her one hundred percent and wanted to spend the rest of her life with her?

She couldn't help but wonder what her parents would say. Her biggest fear was them ignoring her relationship with Idina. She knew in the back of her mind that they would never think badly of her, but she couldn't help but think, what if. She just didn't want to disappoint them.

She wanted someone to tell her what to do. Where was Jiminy Cricket when you needed him?

Idina noticed that Kristin was in deep thought. She hadn't said one word since they got in the car, and she kept furrowing her eyebrows and chewing on her nails. She hadn't even asked where Idina was taking her.

When she pulled in front of Kristin's apartment, neither of them made a move to get out of the car. Their hands were still entwined. Idina brought their hands up to her mouth and she gently kissed Kristin's knuckles. The blonde looked over at Idina, love and fear pouring out of her eyes.

Idina smiled at her then let go of the blonde's hand as they moved to get out of the car. Once they were standing next to each other, Idina sought the familiar warmness of Kristin's hand once again, and they walked up the stairs to her apartment, Idina leading the way.

Once they got to Kristin's floor, Idina spun around and pulled the smaller woman into a passionate kiss. Kristin tangled her hands in Idina's long brown locks, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Their tongues sliding against each other. They slowly pulled away from each other, both a little flushed and breathless .

"I love you," Idina said, resting her forehead against Kristin's.

"I love you too," Kristin whispered, smiling, arms still wrapped around Idina's neck. They stood, basking in each other's arms for a while before Kristin took the keys out of Idina's hand and walked over to her door. Idina followed behind, a knowing smile on her face.

The apartment was dark when they entered it. Maddie came padding towards them, tail wagging. Kristin leaned down to scoop the small dog in her arms.

"Hey Maddie girl. Look who mommy brought home," Idina smiled at Maddie and winked. The small dogged wiggled over Kristin's shoulders when she saw the familiar brunette. Idina walked closer to Kristin so she could pat Maddie on the head. The small dog practically jumped into Idina's arms, making them both laugh. Kristin let Idina hold Maddie as she made her way through the dark apartment to the light switch.

Idina placed Maddie on the floor and they both followed Kristin into the kitchen. Kristin flipped the switch, light illuminating the room, eating away at the darkness.

Kristin gasped and brought her hand to her heart when she saw what the light revealed. She walked over to the table and touched one of the red roses. Idina walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around the blonde's small waist. Kristin leaned back into Idina's embrace and closed her eyes. The brunette nuzzled into Kristin's neck, kissing her lovingly. She let go of the blonde with one hand and reached for a small envelope with Kristin's name on it. She handed it to Kristin and returned her hand to the smaller woman's waist.

Kristin slowly opened the envelope and took out the small note.

The life that I have Is all that I have

And the life that I have is yours

The love that I have of the life that I have

is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have, A rest I shall have,

Yet death will be but a pause.

For the years I shall have in the long green grass

are yours and yours and yours.

Kristin smiled and leaned further back into Idina's embrace. "That's beautiful Dee. May I inquire as to the occasion?"

Idina placed a kiss on the blonde's neck and sighed. "Does there need to be an occasion for me to give you flowers?"

Kristin turned around in Idina's arms and looked at her suspiciously. "No," The blonde placed a soft, lingering kiss against Idina's lips. She pulled back, keeping her arms around Idina's neck and looked at her.

"But, there usually needs to be an occasion for flowers, champagne, poetry, and candles," Kristin said softly, searching both of the brunette's eyes.

Idina smiled. "You noticed huh?"

"Mmmhm," Kristin nodded, bringing her lips to Idina's. The blonde pulled back from the kiss only to trail light kisses up the brunette's jaw. When she got to her ear, she nipped playfully at it. "Are you trying to seduce me Idina?" She whispered. Her warm breath sending chills down Idina's spine.

Idina smiled, and pressed her lips to Kristin's ear. "All in good time my pretty."

Kristin pulled back a little and smiled up at her. Idina gave the blonde one last kiss before she pulled away and walked over to the table. She pulled out a chair and motioned for Kristin to sit down. Kristin obliged, smiling as Idina helped her push her chair in.

Kristin curiously watched Idina as she lit the two taper candles that were in the middle of the table. Their eyes met as the brunette was lighting the last one. The flames made Idina's eyes come alive as shadows danced across her face, showing off her high cheekbones. The effect of it took Kristin's breath away, and she sucked in a breath.

"You're so beautiful Dee," Kristin's voice was quiet. Idina smiled at the blonde over the flame as she blew out the match. She walked over to Kristin and bent down in what was supposed to be a chaste kiss, but Kristin had other plans. She wrapped her arms around Idina's neck and pulled their mouths closer together. She swept her tongue over Idina's bottom lip and was immediately granted access. Idina's tongue met Kristin's halfway, making them both moan. Kristin succeeded in moving her chair out to the side, without breaking the kiss, and pulled Idina so she was straddling her legs. Kristin removed one of her hands from around the brunette's neck and placed it on her lower back, rubbing small circles. Idina moaned into the kiss as she moved her hands up and down Kristin's sides.

The kiss was well on its way to being more than just kissing; that is until Maddie yapped at them. Idina pulled away from the blonde's lips and chuckled. They both looked over at the small dog who was sitting patiently by her food bowl next to the counter. Her tail started to wag when she realized that she had gotten their attention. Idina looked back at Kristin when she heard a soft gurgle and smiled.

"Looks like Maddie isn't the only one who is hungry." Idina said,poking the blonde gently in the side. Kristin squirmed, almost knocking Idina off her lap. Idina laughed at the small blonde and cupped her face in her hands. She brought their lips together again, then stood allowing Kristin to get up.

Kristin walked over to Maddie's bowl and picked it up.

"I'll be right back," Kristin said as she walked passed the brunette and into the living room.

Idina went over to the fridge and took out two boxes. She opened them quickly and placed them in the microwave. Kristin came back into the kitchen and walked over to Maddie. The small dog started to spin in little circles as she lowered the food dish.

"There you go Maddie girl," The blonde patted her on the head before she stood up and walked back over to the table.

Idina walked over to Kristin balancing two plates in her hands. She set one down in front of Kristin and the other at her seat. Kristin looked at the food then back at Idina as the brunette began pouring champagne in the glasses. As Idina sat down, she looked over at Kristin who had a look of awe on her face.

"You cooked a whole meal for me?" The blonde asked, looking at the full plate of pasta and vegetables.

Idina smiled at her, a soft chuckle coming from her lips. "Well, actually I warmed up an already prepared meal for you. It's one of those TV dinner plates."

Kristin couldn't help but laugh. "You're adorable."

"What can I say, I'm a romantic." Idina said, biting a piece of carrot off her fork. Kristin shook her head and smiled. They continued the meal in a comfortable silence. Sipping champagne and occasionally feeding each other.

As amazing as this was, Kristin couldn't help but wonder what the reason was for all this. Not just the dinner and flowers, but why Idina was here a week earlier than they had planned. She kept looking at the brunette, trying to figure out was going on in that head of hers. It couldn't be anything really bad. Or she hoped it wasn't anything bad. She wracked her brain to see if she had somehow lost track of an anniversary or holiday. But her mind came up blank.

There had to be something on Idina's mind. She never just showed up randomly and "cooked" for her in her own apartment. Idina had planned this, and it was driving the blonde insane not knowing why.

They were almost done the food when Kristin had made up her mind to ask Idina what was going on.

"Dee..." Idina cut the blonde off as she started to speak.

"Kris, there's something I need to tell you."

Kristin looked at Idina, a worried look on her face when she heard the tone of Idina's voice. Nothing good could come form that statement...no matter who says it. Kristin set her fork down and took another sip of champagne, then looked up at Idina. A million possibilities of how this conversation was going to end flowed through her head.

Upon seeing the worried look on Kristin's face, Idina moved over and grabbed her hand in reassurance. "Oh baby, it's nothing like what you're thinking. I promise." Kristin flashed a small smile.

"Well what is it then? You're making me nervous." The blonde stated, running her hand through her hair.

Idina pulled her hand away from Kristin's and started to play with her fingers. Kristin watched Idina fidget and noticed that she no longer had her wedding ring on. Tears formed in her eyes as Idina confirmed what she was thinking.

"Taye and I got divorced," Kristin held back the tears and looked down at her own hands as they started to shred her unused napkin.

Idina chewed her bottom lip as she watched the blonde.

" Why?" Kristin asked, not looking up at Idina.

"There are a lot of reasons," Idina stated, not taking her eyes off Kristin.

Kristin brought her eyes to Idina's. "Was it because of...me?" She asked, a little hesitant and afraid of the answer Idina would give her. Idina got out of her seat as she saw a tear slide along the blonde's cheek. She moved over to kneel in front of her, taking the blonde's hands in her own.

"Hey. Don't blame yourself, please. It was bound to happen," Idina wiped away the tear and Kristin looked away from her.

"Kris," Idina placed her fingers under Kristin's jaw and lifted her chin so she could look at her.

"But you guys were so perfect together," Kristin said softly. She brought her own hand up to wipe her cheek as more tears slipped out from under her eyelids.

"No. WE are perfect together. Taye and I...we just went separate ways. We both saw it coming, we were both way to busy for each other....and....I'd rather be with you. Please, don't cry. It isn't your fault."

Kristin looked at Idina and sighed, letting her words run through her head over and over.

" But both of us are busy with shows and movies, what makes you think it'll work out with us if you couldn't work it out with Taye?" Kristin asked, her bottom lip trembling.

Idina looked at Kristin and cupped her face in her hands. Her voice cracking a little as she spoke, "Because I want us to work. I'm in love with you,"

"But Taye..."

"I still love Taye and always will. But in the end it was you. It was always you and I can't not be with you anymore, it hurts too much," Tears gathered in Idina's eyes as she said this and she pulled Kristin into a tight embrace.

"Please don't cry." Idina whispered, rubbing the blonde's shoulders and back with her hands.

Kristin rested her head on Idina's shoulder and sighed. Yes, she did want Idina to herself, but not at the cost of another person's happiness. She loved Idina dearly, and because her love for her was so strong, she could never bring herself to ask Idina to choose between her and her husband. She had never wanted to put her in that position. And here Idina was, telling her that she and Taye were no longer married. This was exactly what she didn't want to happen. Although deep down, she was a little happy that it finally did happen. But she still felt terrible.

"I never meant for that to happen." Kristin whispered.

Idina shook her head and pulled an arms length away from Kristin so she could look at her.

"Kris, it's not your fault, Taye and I both agreed it was for the better. End of discussion. Topic dropped. Okay?" Idina cupped Kristin's face in her hands and brought their foreheads together.

"But..." Kristin's words were silenced with Idina's lips on hers. It was short but powerful.

"No more talking," Idina moved her mouth to Kristin's ear and nipped at it playfully, "As I recall, I'm supposed to be seducing you. Remember?"

Kristin couldn't help but smile and she pulled Idina in for another kiss. Their tongues sliding against each other.

Slowly, Idina stood up, bringing Kristin with her, their lips still fused together. She placed her hands on the smaller woman's hips, adding pressure so she would start moving backwards. Idina leading them to the blonde's bedroom.

Kristin's hands were cupping Idina's face as they continued to kiss. They took small steps backwards so they wouldn't fall or loose contact with each other. When Kristin felt Idina's hands move from her hips to her backside, she moaned and brought her own hands down to grope Idina's breasts, making the taller woman groan and bite on Kristin's bottom lip. Her tongue immediately swept over the reddened area, gently soothing it.

Once they were at the closed bedroom door, Idina pushed Kristin against it with her body and started to kiss along her jaw line down to her neck. Kristin gasped, tossing her head back a little as she brought her hands up to grasp Idina's neck.

Idina moved her hands back to the blonde's hips and pulled, bringing them even closer together. Kristin whimpered as Idina started sucking gently at her pulse point. Her legs started to shake as she felt one of Idina's hands move up to grope her breast, her thumb brushing over the erect nipple visible through her thin shirt and bra. Kristin arched her back, pushing herself more fully into Idina's hand, her thighs becoming damp with arousal.

Idina could feel Kristin's body shaking a little. She wrapped one arm firmly around her waist and the other one went to the door handle. She slowly opened it so they both wouldn't tumble forward.

Kristin grasped onto Idina as she felt the door fall away from her back. She was sure she would have collapsed had Idina's arm not been around her waist holding her up.

Idina started to move again, gently pushing Kristin backwards. They stopped in the middle of the room, and Idina captured the smaller woman's lips with her own. Her hands wandering down Kristin's front, passing over her breasts and stomach, her fingers slid underneath the fabric of Kristin's shirt. She slowly moved her hand up the blonde's smooth skin, lifting the shirt as she went.

Kristin shivered involuntarily when Idina's hands touched her bare skin. She lifted her arms above her head, allowing Idina to lift her shirt from her body, their lips breaking momentarily as the shirt passed over her head. Idina dropped the shirt to the ground and brought both her hands to the blonde's small waist. She slowly moved them up until they rested just underneath her ample breasts, her fingers gently caressing the soft skin.

Kristin wrapped her arms around Idina's neck and brought their lips together, moaning. The brunette's feather light caresses were just below where she wanted them. She reached one hand down and entwined her fingers with Idina's, bringing both their hands up to fully cup and squeeze her breast.

Idina moved one of her hands to unclasp Kristin's bra. She kissed Kristin's neck and shoulder's lovingly as she slowly lowered the straps. Her lips moved to the blonde's chest before she pulled the offending garment away from her body. She let the bra drop to the ground, and moved in to kiss her breasts.

Kristin gasped as Idina's lips met her bare breast and started to suckle her nipple. She brought her hands up and tangled them in the brunette's long brown locks, gently scratching at her scalp with her fingernails. Arousal shot down to her core as Idina bit down on her hardened nipple, making her moan loudly.

As Idina relented on said breast and went to give the same treatment to the other, she felt Kristin's hands pulling at her shirt. Idina broke away from her task as her shirt was lifted over her head. Kristin flattened her hands and placed them on Idina's chest, she could feel the quick thuds of the taller woman's heartbeat, and moved forward to give the spot a light kiss. Her hands moved behind Idina and unclasped her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor with the rest of their clothes. She nuzzled her face in between Idina's breasts, loving the feel of her silky smooth skin. She brought her hand up and began tracing invisible lines that connected the brunette's freckles together, gently kissing each one as she passed it.

Idina smiled down at the blonde, her hands caressing the woman's lower back. Kristin's hand moved down to Idina's jeans as she continued to kiss the brunette's neck and chest, and busied them with unbuttoning and unzipping them. She slid her hands underneath the material, grasping at the woman's backside, elicting a moan from deep within Idina.

Kristin slowly started to kiss down Idina's front as she lowered the brunette's pants. Her lips moved over her breasts and stomach, letting them linger when she got the Idina's hip. She teasingly licked and nipped at her skin, causing goose bumps to rise all over her body. Kristin continued her journey down to Idina's thighs as she carefully lifted first one leg and then the other so she could remove her pants entirely. Once they were out of the picture, Kristin ran her hands slowly up Idina's long silky legs. She heard a strangled whimper come from the brunette's lips as she lovingly nuzzled into Idina's panty clad sex. Giving whisper soft kisses every few seconds.

Idina's fingers were tangled in the blonde's hair, her chest rising and falling in labored breaths. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each touch and kiss. Her hips shifted a little, wanting Kristin to continue removing the rest of her clothes.

Upon feeling the shift in the taller woman's hips, Kristin relented and kissed her way back up Idina's body, her lips landing on Idina's. Idina wrapped her arms around Kristin's waist and pulled their bodies closer together. Her hands snaked around to Kristin's backside and grabbed hold of the blonde's thighs from behind, lifting slightly , making Kristin wrap her legs around Idina's waist.

Idina moved towards the bed as they continued kissing, their tongues wrestling with each other, fighting for dominance. She slowly lowered Kristin onto the soft sheets. Idina climbed onto the bed on all fours, her knees straddling Kristin's hips as she hovered over her lover. Kristin brought her hands up to Idina's shoulders, her thumb moving in small circles on her skin.

Idina smiled and slowly lowered her body on top of Kristin's. She placed sweet kisses all over Kristin's face, murmuring 'I love yous' into her skin.

Kristin wrapped her arms around Idina's neck, pulling her closer as the brunette started to nip and lick at her pulse.

Idina lifted off the blonde a little so her hands could unbutton the smaller woman's pants. She moved down Kristin's body, lowering the pants as she went. She took time to swirl her tongue in the blonde's belly button. Kristin lifted her hips slightly at the touch, which allowed Idina to remove the pants from her body completely. She removed her panties soon after, and moved up the blonde's body.

As soon as she was able to, Kristin brought her lips to Idina's, her tongue slipping between the brunette's lips with a moan.

Idina parted Kristin's legs with her knee, making her whimper with want. Kristin pulled back from the kiss, panting loudly and bent her legs so one was pressing into Idina's center. She started to slowly grind against Idina's provided thigh as the brunette began kissing down her neck to her chest. She tangled her hands in Idina's hair as she took her breast into her mouth. Kristin moaned loudly and started to grind her hips faster against Idina's leg.

Idina started to grind her hips into the woman beneath her, her wetness seeping through her panties and onto the smaller woman's thighs. Idina pulled away from Kristin's breasts and brought her lips to the blonde's, their tongues colliding in another heated kiss.

Idina let her hands wander down to the blonde's hips. Kristin whimpered and moved her lips to Idina's ear.

"Please," she panted, bringing her own hand down and cupping Idina through her panties.

Idina groaned and shifted her hips against Kristin's hand. She moved her fingers between the blonde's thighs, teasingly stroking her wet center. A strangled moan escaped Kristin's lips as Idina teased her and she wrapped her leg around the taller woman, attempting to bring her closer.

Idina let her finger slide slowly into Kristin's center as her other hand moved up to massage the blonde's nipple between her fingers.

Kristin moaned loudly, thrusting her hips in time to Idina's hand. The blonde allowed the hand that had been resting on Idina's center to slip beneath the fabric of her panties. She entered her and started to thrust into the brunette. Idina gasped, and brought her head to rest on Kristin's shoulder as they moved together.

They were both panting heavily, soft moans and sighs escaping their lips as they brought each other closer and closer to their release.

They both added another finger to their thrusting, moaning each others names. Idina captured Kristin's lips as they moved their hips faster and faster.

"So close..." Kristin panted, pulling away from the kiss. Idina let her thumb stroke over Kristin's clit pushing her over the edge.

Kristin squeezed her eyes shut as her orgasm washed over her. Her thighs closing around Idina's hand, calling out Idina's name as her own fingers went out of control between the brunette's thighs.

Idina gave herself over to the blonde, her whole body shaking as her orgasm wracked her body, Kristin's name leaving her lips. She collapsed onto Kristin's body, their lips coming together in a lazy kiss.

The brunette rolled off Kristin's body as she quickly removed her damp panties. Kristin was still on her back, panting slightly. Her body covered in a thin layer of sweat. Idina put her arms on the blonde's shoulder and pulled her to her body. Their legs tangled together as Idina started to kiss the blonde where ever her lips could reach.

Kristin pulled herself closer to Idina's body, the air making her sweat covered body shiver.

Idina brought the comforter up and around their bodies, then wrapped her arms around Kristin tighter, leaning down to bring their lips together.

"I love you so much," Idina said in between kisses.

"I love you too Dina," Kristin closed her eyes and rested her head under Idina's chin. Their breathing slowly coming back to normal.

Idina began rubbing small circles on Kristin's smooth back.

"G'night," The blonde mumbled as her breath started to even out. Idina continued to rub circles on her skin and she kissed the top of Kristin's head. Butterflies entered her stomach as she remembered what she still needed to do. She kept going over it in her head. It was all planned out, but she couldn't help but feel nervous. She kept telling herself that she was ready. She had to be.

Idina's eyes slowly started to close, she pulled the blonde closer as sleep took over her body.


Idina's eyes opened slowly as a stream of sunlight seeped through the window and onto her face. She grumbled softly and turned her face away from the offending light and tried to fall back to sleep. She felt the bed shift a little and she opened one eye to see if Kristin was awake.

The light was stretched across the bed, landing right in Kristin's face. The small blonde shifted a couple times, her head tossing from side to side trying to escape the bright light. Idina smiled at how cute she looked, her eyebrows were furrowed together as if she was confused as to why the light wouldn't go away.

Idina pulled the covers off her body and lazily got out of bed to close the blinds, making the room considerably darker. She turned around and looked at Kristin's sleeping form. She was laying on her back, one arm above her head while the other rested on her stomach. Her head was tilted away from Idina, blonde hair fanned out like a halo on the pillow. The comforter was half on her body exposing her naked upper half. Idina's eyes traveled over Kristin, taking in every detail. From the slight smile that graced her perfect lips, down her neck, over the curve of her breasts. She watched her chest and stomach rise and fall with each gentle breath. She couldn't help but smile at the angelic sight before her.

A chill ran up Idina's naked body and she wrapped her arms around herself. She looked around Kristin's room and spotted a sweater on the floor near the door. She quietly walked over to it and pulled it over her head. She looked back at the sleeping blonde before she left the room.

A few minutes later, Idina emerged from the bathroom. She heard Maddie padding across the kitchen floor. The small ball of fluff stopping at her feet a few seconds later, tail wagging wildly. Idina smiled and crouched in front of the small dog. Maddie placed her front paws on Idina's knees and attempted to lick her face.

Idina laughed softly before scooping the dog up and cradling her in her arms.

"Hey Maddie girl," Idina whispered as she scratched behind her ear and placed a soft kiss on the tip of her nose. Maddie licked Idina's face at the same time, causing her tongue to slip into Idina's mouth. Idina wrinkled her nose and pulled away quickly.

"Eeewe, Maddie!" She squeaked as she wiped her mouth with one hand. She gently placed the dog back on the floor and went over to the bedroom door. She leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed and looked at Kristin. The blonde had rolled onto her side so her back was to the door. Idina's eyes landed on the nightstand next to the bed, the butterflies returning to her stomach.

She felt something cold and wet press against her leg and she looked down to find Maddie staring up at her expectantly. She frowned at the small dog and turned her attention back to Kristin.

Maddie kept staring at Idina, and nudged her again with her nose. Idina ignored her and continued to watch the sleeping blonde.

Maddie, not used to being ignored, cocked her head to the side and let out a small *yip*.

"Shhhh, Mads," Idina whispered while walking away from the door, not wanting to wake Kristin up just yet. She walked into the kitchen and turned around, hands on her hips.

"Now what was that for Mads?" Idina asked. Maddie ran up to her, tail wagging, then ran over to her bowl. Idina rolled her eyes. She picked up the food dish and walked over to the closet in the living room.

She came back into the kitchen, the dish full of dog food. Maddie's tail went into over drive, her whole butt shaking with it as she set the dish on the ground.

Idina sat cross-legged on the floor and chuckled as Maddie began inhaling her food. A few minutes later Maddie walked over and sat down in front of Idina, her tongue flicking out as she licked her lips clean of dog food. Idina looked over at the bedroom door and sighed. She looked back at Maddie, whose brown eyes were staring at her.

"What?" Maddie cocked her head to the side.

"I'm gonna do it, just give me a minute," Maddie looked over at the bedroom door then back at Idina.

"Stop pressuring me!" Maddie stood and crawled into Idina's lap, resting her head on her knee. Idina ran her fingers through the soft white fur and sighed.

"I'm just nervous. I don't want to screw up again," Maddie lifted her head and looked at Idina. She turned her small body around and rested her paws on Idina's chest, then licked her face. Idina smiled and lifted her face so Maddie licked the underside of her chin instead of her mouth, wanting to avoid the earlier incident.

"Your a sweetheart Mads," Maddie wagged her tail then jumped off Idina's lap. She trotted over to her bowl and started to eat again. She lifted her head and looked at Idina, she let out a small growl.

"Ok, ok. I'm going, you don't need to be so pushy," Idina pushed herself up off the floor and walked over to the bedroom. Kristin was in the same position, and Idina walked over to the edge of the bed. Quietly she opened the drawer to the nightstand, withdrawing the bag she had placed in it last night. She slowly crawled on the bed and lay on her side, her head resting in her hand. I freaking love Maddie using peer pressure

Idina held her breath, the butterflies turning into bats I like that!, as Kristin stirred. She mumbled something in her sleep and let out a quiet sigh. Idina exhaled, closing her eyes for a minute. She slowly withdrew a single red rose from the bag in her hand and scooted over, wrapping an arm around Kristin's waist.

Kristin pushed herself into Idina and sighed, her eyes still closed.

"Where'd go?" Kristin asked, her voice scratchy from sleep. Idina placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's neck.

"Just in the bathroom."

"Oh. S'cold," Kristin's last words drifted off and she shivered as she slowly started to fall back to sleep. Idina pulled her closer, warming her with her body. Kristin placed her hand on Idina's at her waist and laced their fingers together. Idina leaned over her body and placed kisses along her jaw.

"Kris baby, I have something for you."

Kristin 'hmmed', but didn't open her eyes.

"But you have to wake up to get it," Idina said as she nipped playfully at Kristin's ear lobe. Kristin slowly moved so she was on her back, her eyes still closed.

"Mm'up," She murmured. Idina chuckled and moved closer to the blonde's small body. She rested her head on her arm and lowered the flower to gently touch the soft skin of Kristin's stomach. She watched Kristin's muscles contract as she moved the flower up and down her body, from her hipbone to her chest. Idina smiled as she heard a soft moan escape from the blonde's lips when she moved the petals over her breast. But she still didn't open her eyes.

"Kristin," Idina sang out in a soft voice.


"You have to open your eyes," Idina ran the rose down the bridge of Kristin's nose, then leaned down and placed a kiss on her soft lips.

Kristin slowly started to move her lips against Idina's, her eyes fluttering open when Idina pulled away. She looked up at her through heavy eyelids.

"Hi," She said softly.

"Hi," Idina smiled and leaned down for another kiss, her lips lingering on Kristin's. Kristin reached up and wrapped her arms loosely around Idina's neck, her lips slowing as she began to fall asleep again. Idina pulled away from the kiss and shook her head.



Idina reached into the bag and took out four more roses, each a different color. She placed three of the four on Kristin's stomach, along with the red one. The thorns having been removed so they wouldn't inflict any harm to her soft skin. Kristin's eyes fluttered open again when she felt the weight of something on her skin. She looked at the roses resting on her stomach, smiling tiredly as she looked up at Idina.

"What're these for?" She asked sleepily, her eyes drifting from Idina's face to the single white rose in her hand.

Idina pulled her arm in so she was resting on her elbow hovering over the small blonde. She smiled down at her, placing the white rose in between their bodies.

"Did you know that each color rose has a different meaning?" She asked, placing her hand on the blonde's stomach next to the roses, her nails drawing light circles on her skin. Kristin nodded.

"Do you know the meanings?" Idina ran her pointer finger down the bridge of Kristin's nose. Kristin smiled but shook her head, her hands reaching down to play with the soft petals of the roses. Idina smiled down at her and took the yellow rose off Kristin's body.

"The yellow rose typically symbolizes friendship and joy. But it also signifies familiar love and happiness." She placed the rose back on Kristin's stomach and picked up another rose. Twirling it between her fingers as she spoke.

"The pink rose stands for sweet thoughts and thank-yous, and symbolizes the fun and light-heartedness that comes with a poetic romance." She placed the rose back down and moved to the next one. Kristin looked at Idina as she talked, her eyes fallowing the roses when she moved them to and from her body. Her mind waking up more with every word that came from Idina's lips.

"Purple roses have come to be known as the rose that signifies love at first sight," Idina looked at Kristin as she spoke, her heart beating at unnatural speeds, "It also means 'I will always love you' and symbolizes enhancement in relationships." She placed the rose with the others and moved to the red one.

"The red rose represents romance," She ran the rose down Kristin's nose,"beauty," She let the soft petals slide over the blonde's left cheek and down her neck, "respect," Idina moved the rose under Kristin's chin and up to her right cheek, "passionate love," the rose petals ran over the blonde's soft lips making her smile, "And Unity." Idina ran the rose down Kristin's neck again, and continued on between her breasts making Kristin's close her eyes. Her heart pounding wildly. When she opened them again Idina was looking at her intently, love and desire pouring from her eyes.

"It also represents a love that's stronger than thorns." Kristin found that she couldn't move her eyes away from Idina's captive gaze. She brought one hand up and cupped Idina's cheek, her thumb running along her bottom lip as she searched her eyes for an explanation to all this.

Idina smiled at the light contact. She picked up the white rose that was between them as Kristin lowered her hand. Idina brought the rose to her lips and kissed it, then moved it down and placed it on Kristin's lips trailing it down and under her chin. Kristin's lips parted a little, her breathing becoming heavier with every touch and word that came from Idina's mouth. Idina's other hand moved to play with the petals of the rose. She gently pulled one off and let it fall on Kristin's stomach.

"We were friends long before lovers," She let another white petal fall, "and lovers longer than we were friends," Idina plucked another petal, "that feeling has only grown through the years." She plucked yet another petal.

"You are my best friend, and I just can't imagine a life without you," Another petal fell, "I have loved you since the first time I saw you."

Kristin watched as another petal fell onto her skin.

"You are a part of me. Part of my heart. My soul. My body." She grabbed Kristin's hand and placed it on her chest. Kristin could feel her heart beat through the sweatshirt. Idina plucked another white petal, both of them watching it fall.

"We have been through so much together. Good," Idina placed Kristin's fingers on the soft petals that were still on the rose, "and bad." She brought both of their fingers down the stem, gently sweeping over a few thorns that were left behind. Kristin continued to look at Idina, and noticed that she wouldn't return the gaze. Her heart was beating wildly. She was certain that Idina could hear it. Her breathing became shallower as Idina talked.

"It's a long way down from the place where we started from, and I know that I have screwed up in the past." She plucked another petal off the flower, her eyes still not meeting Kristin's gaze.

"I would like to start anew if you'll give me a chance," She plucked one of the last petals off the rose, letting it fall and join the others piled on Kristin's stomach. Idina looked at Kristin as she said this.

Kristin's eyes filled with tears as she saw what the petals were hiding. She took in a breath as she watched Idina take the ring in shaky hands. Idina set the rose down on Kristin's stomach with the others.

"The white rose represents unity, loyalty, sincerity, love stronger than death and symbolizes anticipation of happiness." Idina slowly brought her hands to Kristin's, gently lifting the blonde's left hand in her own.

"You could make me the happiest person in the world by answering one question," Their eyes met as Idina placed the ring at the tip of Kristin's ring finger.

Kristin's heart was beating so fast that she felt like she was going to pass out.

"Will you marry me?" Tears were now falling freely down Kristin's face, a choked sob escaped from her parted lips as she brought her hand up to cover her mouth. All her insecurities and worries from the day before vanished as she nodded, and Idina slowly pushed the silver ring down her ring finger with shaky hands.

Another sob escaped Kristin's lips at the feel of the cool metal on her skin. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Idina's neck, pulling her down on top of her as she claimed her lips with her own. The kiss was slow and passionate, their tongues dancing together as hands roamed freely all over each other's body. Idina's tears mingled with Kristin's as they continued to kiss. Kristin whispering "I do" over and over again into Idina's mouth.

Kristin's hands went to the base of the sweatshirt Idina had on and gently lifted it over her head, tossing it to the floor once it was removed from her beautiful body. The blonde's hands roamed up Idina's back,her body shifting so that Idina was between her legs.

Idina's hands quickly became busy, making Kristin moan softly, her own hands mimicking Idina's movements between her legs. Soft whimpers and sighs escaped their lips as they celebrated each others bodies. Their hips rocking together as they whispered promises, needing the words to be branded on the others skin. They held on tight to each other, neither of them wanting to break contact as their bodies shuddered in unison, the cries and moans swallowed by the kisses.

Idina rolled, taking Kristin with her. Her arms encircling the blonde's shaking body as tears continued to flow down her face. Kristin held on for dear life as Idina showered her face with kisses, never wanting to let go for fear it was all a dream. She nuzzled into the brunette's neck, taking in the sweet scent and softness of her skin. She placed gentle kisses up Idina's neck and jaw, her lips finally making contact with the brunette's.

"I love you so much," Kristin voice cracked as more tears flowed down her face. Idina smiled and rubbed her nose against Kristin's.

"I love you too," She whispered, as she kissed away the tears on Kristin's face.

Kristin kissed the corner of Idina's mouth, slowly moving down to her chest, where she placed a soft kiss over Idina's heart. She ran her fingers over the area, then lowered her head so her ear was against her skin. She closed her eyes as she listened to the rhythmic beating of her heart.

Tears welled in Idina's eyes as Kristin rested her head on her chest. Her hands tangled themselves in Kristin's long blonde hair and she closed her eyes.

They just couldn't be happier.

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